Artist Statement


I create work out of the desire to reflect upon life, both social and personal human process.
My work relates to an intimate research on body and movement, and a strong sensibility to social and political themes. I am busy with ‘Identity’ and particularly my Identity as a woman and a contemporary Israeli.

I explore and dig into personal history and autobiographical details of the performers i am working with and search for the place in which the personal stories touch wider and universal human aspects. i’d like to include both aspects in my work.

My work often brings together movement image and text in a form dance or physical theater, combining set materials with open movement scores as a way to establish authenticity and presence on stage. I take inspiration from pedestrian movements and daily activities.

I create work for both theatrical spaces as well as atypical projects in alternative and outdoor spaces, bringing together my understanding of space as an architect, and my physical skills as a dancer & choreographer. I’d like to treat each performance space as a unique location which can be challenged in terms of the setting of audience- performer relations, a theme that appear in my works in different levels of integration. i’d like to question the status-quo positions that are established during the event of a performance in many ways.

Physical limitation, Exhaustion and Duration are some of the choreographic themes i’ve been busy exploring in my recent works.