A choreographic performance for a female body, fabric and a gaze.
In ‘Proportions’ I move all covered in a large fabric, presenting to the viewer only distinct body parts – such that women are required to cover in different cultures.
I use my body and the performative event to touch cultural mechanisms that are constructed in relation to the female body and to examine its modes of representation.
A stratified action of erasure, rupture, cover and exposure present a choreography of striking and surprising images of the body. The female body being alienated from its familiar cultural context, presented as fragmented, a field of framed glances.
The performance accompanied by a unique sound work, text composed out beauty advertisements, obsessively and repetitively spoken. It adds a ironic layer to the work, reflecting upon consumption world, and its ever growing desire to the image of female body.


Choreography, Performance, text and sound editing  by Aharona Israel
Costume: Melanie Lombard  l Duration: 25-27 minutes
Photography: Gili Chen, Eli Katz, David Kaplan

Premiered at ‘Intimadance festival’ with the support of Tmuna theater. The work was supported by residency at ‘Re-Serach’ Natanya and at ‘Stage Center’ Tel-aviv. Performed in different venues and theatres in Israel among them Jerusalem dance serie in Mazie theatre and ‘Fresh paint Fair ’19’ Tel aviv.

‘Proportions’ was invited to ‘Altofest’ festival in Naples Italy on July 2019.

Project Video

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