Hello, welcome. I am at your service.. ‘At your service’ is a one-on-one performance experienced with your eyes closed.  You are invited to choose a … Read more


Concept and performance: Aharona Israel
Premiered at SUMMERWORKS festival Toronto on 2013
Now days in a renewed post Covid-19 version 2021

The work was made possible with the support of:
The Arts Department, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality
Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv
The Israeli Ministry of art and culture
Choreographers NPO

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‘Textile and Flesh’ is a solo that deals with the female body and its representation.   An intimate relationship between a woman with her body is … Read more


Concept and Choreography: Aharona Israel
Collaborating Dancer: Yuval Gal
Costumes: Melanie Lombard
Lighting Design: Erez Schwarzbaum
Outside Eyes: Shiri Teicher-Sabach, Ayelet Ron, Sharona Florsheim, Oran Nahum.

The work made possible with the support of:
Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport
‘Mifal Hapais’, The National Lottery’s Art and Culture Council
Residencies: ‘Re-Search’ Center and Sadnaot Habama Tel Aviv

Project Video


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Choreography: Aharona Israel  l Duration: 33 minutes
Text: Maayan Yohanan-Shohet with Aharona Israel  l Costumes & Stage design: Liya Hozeh
Dance and Performance by the Yohanan Family: Vicky Yohanan, Maayan Yohanan-Shohet, Omer Yohanan, Gal Rozen
Photography: Yoav Pelli / Adam Weingrod

‘Family’ premiered at  the Bat Yam Festival with artistic guidance by Nataly Zukerman, Yoav Bartel, Roey Gormezano and Yogi Dekel. The work was supported by the Bat Yam Festival, the Bat Yam Municipality and the Factory Residency.
Inspired by Porch View Dances by Kaeja d’Dance.