LEXICON - 2023

‘LEXICON’ is a video art made for the firsy yearly exhibition at ‘Beit Hair’ – the historical museum of Tel-aviv-Jaffa

The research for the video art was based on archival research inspired by the gymnastics exercises taught at the legendary Herzliya Gymnasium in Tel-aviv, under the instruction of teacher Zvi Neshari, one of the founders of physical education in Israel.
My interest in Neshri concerns the interest in exploring the roots of Israeli physical culture, to wonder about the ways in which the Hebrew (and later, the Israeli) body was raised and trained, as means of defining a local identity.

Choreographic interpretations of the terminologies related to the body actions, taken from Neshri’s books, are the basis of the video art.
The video presents these interpretations in the context of another public space – the courtyard of the A.D. educational institution. Gordon in Tel Aviv.



Concept and Choreography: Aharona Israel
Dance: Or Sassi, Ariela Ben-Dov, Gilly Geva
Costumes: Melanie Lombard
Camera: Yakir Meir Perez
Editing: Hadas Kastenbaum-Reznik

The work made possible with the support of:
Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport
Tel-aviv-Jaffa historical city museum and Tel-aviv-Jaffa municipality
The Choreographers association
Residency at Hagra Community canter Tel-aviv





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