Taṇhā - 2015-2016

‘Taṇhā’ is a Buddhist term that literally means “thirst”, but commonly translated as craving or desire. it is one of ‘Four Noble Truths’ in Buddhism and considered one of the main causes that leads humans into suffering.  The work deals with desire from both physical exploration and mental-personal research. It take inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and from Jacques Lacan writings about ‘desire’.

The choreography, based on physical vibration and shaking, explore the ever changing condition of the ‘self’. It register tension, created in the body by touching full and empty places within the self. Through intimate expressions and a primer and raw physicality the dancers holds different ‘states’, their vibration becomes the pulse of the piece.


Choreography: Aharona Israel
Live music and performance: David Gordon.
Dance: Lena Peled, Avraham Hazin, Shiri Taicher/Ady Shildan
Duration: 25 minutes.

The work premiered at MASH festival Jerusalem with its support and was invited to the international dance week Jerusalem. The work was supported by MASH dance center Jerusalem, Rabinovitz fondation of the arts, Tel aviv Municipality, residency at  ‘Gabirol’ center Tel aviv, ‘Cherner’ community Center Tel aviv.

Project Video

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