FAMILY - 2018

A choreography for a real family.
Four female relatives aged 9,21,33,63, meet in a space that exists somewhere between the private and the public. They are mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter, aunt and niece, cousins. They tell the stories of their family, stories that emerge from body language, intimate movements and the physical relations that exist in every family.


Choreography: Aharona Israel  l Duration: 33 minutes
Text: Maayan Yohanan-Shohet with Aharona Israel  l Costumes & Stage design: Liya Hozeh
Dance and Performance by the Yohanan Family: Vicky Yohanan, Maayan Yohanan-Shohet, Omer Yohanan, Gal Rozen
Photography: Yoav Pelli / Adam Weingrod

‘Family’ premiered at  the Bat Yam Festival with artistic guidance by Nataly Zukerman, Yoav Bartel, Roey Gormezano and Yogi Dekel. The work was supported by the Bat Yam Festival, the Bat Yam Municipality and the Factory Residency.
Inspired by Porch View Dances by Kaeja d’Dance.

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