‘Textile and Flesh’ is a solo that deals with the female body and its representation. 

 An intimate relationship between a woman with her body is revealed in an investigation of the body, its covering and image. The choreography is placed between one image and another and seeks to expand the visual and expressive range of movement as seen in these interim states. Dismantling and reinterpretation of daily actions charged with social and cultural significance such as disrobing and eating form the foundation for questioning of body image, cultural aesthetics and performative virtuosity. 

The performer is in a state of frequent change, donning and sloughing off memories and identities.

By removing layers of cultural and aesthetic expression from the body, a primal, mysterious animalism is able to enter the space alongside a personal sensibility derived from authentic presence. 

This is a choreography of exploration and struggle, passion and shame, a personal process that touches on the universal.

The creation tells the story of the female body through the processes of filling up and being emptied out, hiding and exposing, skin and flesh. The female body presents itself in its soft, vulnerable and coarse lines and invites the audience to an intimate meeting with themselves. 

Genre: Contemporary dance & performance

Duration:43 minutes



Concept and Choreography: Aharona Israel
Collaborating Dancer: Yuval Gal
Costumes: Melanie Lombard
Lighting Design: Erez Schwarzbaum
Outside Eyes: Shiri Teicher-Sabach, Ayelet Ron, Sharona Florsheim, Oran Nahum.

The work made possible with the support of:
Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport
‘Mifal Hapais’, The National Lottery’s Art and Culture Council
Residencies: ‘Re-Search’ Center and Sadnaot Habama Tel Aviv

Project Video

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